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Your personal Dedicated Server is your digital island. Our dedicated servers offer the best performance and come with 1Gbps network connectivity and DDoS protection. Locations are Germany and Finland and the servers are located in the best data centers worldwide and at great prices. You can install Linux Distros such as Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu and more. You have full root access and full control with our control panel. All backed by our human support..

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Available Locations

Germany Dedicated Servers
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Finland Dedicated Servers
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Dedicated Servers FAQ

Can I run Tor Exit Nodes?

No, not on our current locations. Maybe on other locations in the future.

Are they real dedicated servers or virtual ones?

They are real bare metal servers.

How do I control my dedicated server?

We have a control panel in which you can reboot, re-install, turn on / turn off your server, where you find any information and you can use your terminal.

Is there any support when I broke something?

VPS servers are unmanaged servers which means we do not offer support for software / OS problems. There are to many possibilites why something is broke that we are unable to provide technical support.

Are there more locations planned?

Yes but it's not a high priority point on our roadmap.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Although we support free speech and are against censorship, there are rules. Please read our Terms of Service (ToS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). We will not allow our services to be used for illegal activities.