Anonymous hosting solutions

Mynymbox offers anonymous server hosting solutions, anonymous domain name registrations and dns parking. We do not require any personal information from you. Pay with Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero and other cryptos like USDC, Litecoin, Doge and many more.

Mynymbox is not just a small hosting service; it's a commitment to preserving the foundational values of the internet: freedom, privacy, and security. Whether you’re launching a new website, hosting a forum and so on, Mynymbox is your partner in navigating the digital world with confidence and peace of mind.

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Anonymous Hosting Solutions

Anonymous Domain Registration

With our anonymous domain name registration service you can choose between hundreds of supported TLDs available at reasonable pricing and free DNS Managment! No personal information required. Pay with Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero and other cryptos like USDC, Litecoin, Doge and many more.













Why do you need privacy?

In today’s digital age, privacy is not just a preference; it's a necessity. Mynymbox was founded on the principle that everyone deserves the right to privacy and freedom online. Whether you're an individual blogger, activist, a whistleblower, a journalist or a business handling sensitive data, Mynymbox ensures that your activities, content, and identity are protected from prying eyes, unwanted surveillance, and censorship.  

Privacy Hosting

Stay Anonymous with our solutions

We offer anonymous VPS servers, anonymous Shared Web Hosting on full encrypted servers and anonymous Domain Name Registrations. Regardless of the service, we do not need any personal data.

We accept Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero and many other Cryptos!

Virtual Private Servers

Instantly launch servers from Hetzner, Contabo, DigitalOcean and soon Mynymbox. You have full root access and can choose between different Linux distros.

Starting at

€ 7.50 / Month

All Plans
Shared Web Hosting

All websites are hosted on encrypted file storage, all packages include your own email, ftp access, easy install scripts, control tool and daily stats.

Starting at

€ 3.50 / Month

All Plans
Anonymous Domain Registration

Register your domain anonymous. We offer hundrets of supported TLDs for reasonable prices. You get also our DNS Management Tool for free!

Starting at

€ 15.00 / Year (.com)

All Prices
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We don't need your personal data! We don't share data with third parties! You can access our main website and our client portal via VPN or Tor without any problems.


All services can be paid with Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero and other Cryptos like USDC, Litecoin, Doge and many more via Trocador App.


We process all payments in house with no third party for BTC, Lightning and Monero. We utilize full disc encryption with offline keys for all sensitive data.


Contact our support with real humans with technical knowledge. Whatever you need we are here for you.


Do you need any personal information?

No! We do not require any personal details except a valid email address for notifications.

Which payment methods do you support?

We support Bitcoin, Lightning and Monero via our own payment gateway. For other cryptos like Litecoin, USDC, Doge and the rest we use TrocadorApp as swap service.

Do I need a valid email address?

Yes. We need a valid email address for service notifications.

How are the services billed?

All our servics are billed monthly except domain registrations.

Are you a traditional domain registration service?

No. We are a customer like you BUT we are sitting between you and the domain registrar and acting like a privacy shield.

Are you only a reseller?

No. For some services we are resellers and act as a privacy proxy between the customer and our upstreams. Some other services run directly through us.

Hosted Privacy Tools

As big supporters of online privacy we also host some projects for the public.

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